• Life Line for Tomorrow

    DOPCO pursues technology innovation through continuous R&D. This encompasses pipeline core technologies, standardization of pipelines, and expert technical expertise in the petrochemical industry.

  • DOPCO aims to be a leading company with pipeline expertise that delivers a product with optimal timing, quantity and price for its customers.

  • Through technology advances, DOPCO strives to overcome the limits and achieve greater value to move the world through expertise and stability.


As a specialized company in the construction and operation of oil pipelines, we are becoming a company that creates new value in the energy-related industry based on our accumulated technology and know-how.


It is the history of DOPCO which has become the driving force of the nationwide industry.

Corporate Culture

We create a healthy organizational culture based on our company culture that we have built independently.


Headquarter / Seoul branch
Gyeongin branch
Gangwon Branch
Chungcheong Branch
Daejeon Branch
Youngnam branch
Jeonbuk Branch
Jeonnam Branch

Business Introduction

DOPCO carries the energy of Korea safely and efficiently with the best technology

Main Facilities

DOPCO directly operates Pangyo, Goyang, Daejeon and Cheonan teminals as core facilities.


DOPCO conducts R&D activities for Pipeline Technology in order to operate safer and more efficient pipelines.

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(Safety, Health, Environment)

Reduces risk factors such as accidents by finding / repairing defects in buried pipes in advance.

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