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We changed the oil and energy transportation system of Korea

As a specialized company in the construction and operation of oil pipelines, we are becoming a company that creates new value in the energy-related industry. We have based this on the technology and know-how we have accumulated over time.

The lifeline of the national energy economy
- Construction of nationwide oil pipelines

DOPCO initially established a nationwide pipeline system under the leadership of the government to steadily and economically transport petroleum energy. This pipeline system grew in accordance with the rapid growth of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards. This brought about the creation of DOPCO.
Since its establishment in January 1990, the company built a 1,081 kilometer nationwide pipeline network connecting the major cities across the country from the refineries along the southern coast.
The main refineries located in Ulsan and Yeosu are an integral part of a pipeline network that is a national energy aorta transporting more than half of the domestic demand for light oil.

A fresh start as a private company

DOPCO as a public corporation constructed a nationwide pipeline system and aimed to make management more efficient through privatization. Privatization was completed with the company as a major shareholder.
Privatization provided DOPCO with an opportunity to reinvigorate its staff. All DOPCO members moved forward to fulfill the company's enrichment through change and innovation. Through this effort, DOPCO converted itself into a profitable company in just two years.

Much value in the world is intangible.

DOPCO is a trailblazer in connecting people with energy. The value in this, although intangible, is immeasurable.

DOPCO prides itself on overcoming limitations through technological advances, industry expertise, and stability.

We think of people and environment moving forward together.

DOPCO is committed to continuing to pursue these values.

Connecting people and people, people and energy, energy and energy

Life Line for Tomorrow dopco

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