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Corporate culture system

DOPCO corporate culture is a Communication Package that compiles important elements of management necessary for the company to continuously grow and develop together.

Main Content

DOPCO Vision

DOPCO aims to be a company with pipeline expertise in logistics services which provides optimal timing, quantity and price of energy for the customer.

Sustainability Management

DOPCO contributes to harmonious growth among stakeholders and value creation through reaching a sustainable management base by reinforcing S.H.E, ethical and compliance management.

Ethics management, S.H.E, Compliance Management

S ∙ H ∙ E is a core task of the company's management activities, and carries out continuous improvement and prevention activities for the safety and environmental preservation of people and facilities.

Ethics management

To create value for various stakeholders such as customers, members, shareholders and business partners, pursue win-win relationships, and always clearly separate business with pleasure and act fairly and transparently.

Compliance Management

We strongly carry out our actions with the belief that compliance with all laws and regulations related to management activities, fair competition, and transaction will help increase corporate value.

Key Culture

Key Culture will aggregate the company's capabilities and all employees will practice this as a standard for correcting members' behavior and consciousness for growth and development.

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