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Leak Detection System (LDS) detects oil leakage or oil theft by monitoring pressure and flow rate.

* RTU : Remote Terminal Unit

DOPCO develops and operates an LDS that detects the leakage and calculates the suspected location of leakage by monitoring the change of signal transmission speed and time difference caused by changes in flow rate and pressure through operation information analysis of all oil pipelines nationwide.

Main function
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • 24 hours monitoring and control
  • Automatic leak location calculation
  • Data storage function and manual calculation
  • Leak alarm notification via SMS
Real-time monitoring and control

Monitor pressure changes in real time with precision pressure sensors in the field.
In conjunction with the SCADA system, LDS analyzes the operation information to determine whether it is leaking, and provides leak information to the operator promptly so that it can be processed without delay.

World-class Korean LDS

DOPCO's LDS is optimized for the Korean environment. It has outstanding performance even in complicated driving conditions such as multi-product transportation by one line and mountainous terrain. In addition, it is the most optimized system for the world's highest level of detection of small amounts of leaking or stealing.

Wireless portable LDS development

DOPCO develops and operates wireless portable LDS along with conventional fixed LDS.
Combining data transmission technology of wireless mobile communication with embedded LDS technology, it can be installed anywhere in the pipeline to receive pressure information and determine leakage.

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