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Pipeline monitoring technology

Contents Remarks
A flow leak detection method and system using compensated flow measuring Patent(10-0906922)
A leak location measuring method and system for a fluid material pipeline, using a sensing delay of two points Patent(10-0906936)
A leak location measuring method and system for a fluid material pipeline, using an intersection of pressure lines Patent(10-0906937)
Real-time detection system for pipeline based on ubiquitous information technology Patent(10-0954605)
A leak measuring system of fluid material pipeline using press wave and method thereof Patent(10-1173636)
A leak measuring method and system for hermetic pipeline Patent(10-1173637)
Wireless portable apparatus of leak detection system Patent(10-1666773)
High performance leak detection system application program Copyright (C-2013-000898)

Safety environment technology

Contents Remarks
Apparatus for separating of water and oil Patent(10-1270222)
Floating-type apparatus for skimming of oil Patent(10-1321389)

Pipeline control system technology

Contents Remarks
Central Control SCADA System Copyright(C-2013-000899)
Truck Loading System Copyright(C-2009-005450)

Other technologies

Contents Remarks
Seal apparatus for tube Patent(10-1155574)
Quick shut-off device for oil pipeline theft hose Patent(10-1437666)
Leakage blocking device for oil pipeline theft valve Patent(10-1437665)
Adaptor structure for drain of pipe Patent(10-1364269)
A rotor RPM measuring apparatus for gear-type positive displacement flow-meters Patent(10-1034435)
System for checking of void tank in tank lorry Patent(10-1238763)
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