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DOPCO's Truck Loading System (TLS) is a system that monitors and controls all processes from the storage tank to the loading of the oil tank truck. It manages the loading of customer's oil accurately and safely through quantitative / qualitative management.


TLS / RIS development and operation

In cooperation with our own Truck Loading System and Reservation Information System (RIS), we are making efforts to deliver products safely to customers by using issuing information sent from refineries through simple and prompt issue support.

SCADA 자체개발 및 운영
Main function
  • Issuing function

    By linking the Truck Loading System with the Reservation Information System, we use issuing information sent from refineries to support simple and prompt issuing service.

    다양한 정보 수집 및 분석
  • Sharing data between branches

    We share shipment data between DOPCO’s terminals to optimize shipment management of drivers and oil tank trucks through a strict and simplified registration process.

    실시간 감시 및 제어
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