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National Oil Pipeline Network


DOPCO directly operates Pangyo, Goyang, Daejeon and Cheonan terminals. Among them, Pangyo terminal is the core facility of metropolitan oil supply, 40 tanks that can store 2,059,000 barrels and ship 446,000 barrels per day. In addition, the average flow rate to the gas stations and pipelines of the nation reaches 4.4 million barrels, which is a stockpile of oil equivalent to six days of light oil consumption in Korea.

Pump station

To transport oil by pipeline, it is necessary to maintain constant pressure. To maintain the appropriate pressure, there are pump stations installed at 12 locations between refineries and oil storage facilities nationwide. This is necessary for long distance oil transportation. One of the characteristics of the DOPCO pipeline is versatility. It does not transport only item but does all types of gas including gasoline, kerosene, light oil, and jet fuel through a single pipe. The DOPCO core operation technology keeps the pressure constant so that different types of oil do not mix with each other.

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