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A. Personal information items to be collected and collecting methods.

We collect the following personal information for Reply to inquiries, reporting, and recruitment.

  • Reply to inquiries, Report: Bulletin Board
  • Employment: Homepage

We collect personal information in the following ways.

  • Reply to inquiries, Notice board
  • Career Site
B. Purpose of collecting and use of Personal Information

We use the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • Reply to inquiries and identification (counseling, reporting)
    Ensuring credibility and identification of the reply to the counseling and reporting
  • Identification and recruitment
    Use for identification and recruitment screening
C. Sharing and delivering of collected personal information

In principle, we do not provide personal information of our users to the outside. However, except as follows.

  • If users agree in advance
  • If there is a request by the investigating agency in accordance with the statute of the law or the procedure and the purpose of investigation
D. Entrusting the handling of collected personal information

We will not entrust the handling of your personal information to other companies without your consent. If there is a need to do so in the future, we will notify the user about the entrusted person and the details of the entrusted business, and will obtain prior consent if necessary.

E. Retention and use of collected personal information

In principle, we will destroy the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is accomplished.

F. Procedures and methods of destroying personal information

As a general rule, we will destroy the information immediately after accomplishing the purpose of collecting and use of personal information. The procedure for destruction is as follows.

Destruction procedure

  • The information entered through the website is stored for a certain period of time due to the internal policy and relevant laws and regulations. After achieving the purpose, your information will be eliminated safely.
  • This personal information will not be used for any other purpose except that it is provided by law.

Destruction Method

  • Personal information printed on paper is crushed or destroyed by incineration.
  • And personal information stored in the form of electronic files is deleted using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.
G. Rights of users and legal representatives and the way of wielding

When a user issues a specified request to delete information, we deal with it using our regulations regarding personal information treatment. It cannot be viewed or used for other purposes.

H. The list of name and contacts of the staff in charge of personal information

In order to protect user's personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information, we designate the person in charge of personal information management as follows.

Personal information manager
Name: Kim Young-kwang
Phone: 031-779-9114

Personal Information Department
Name: Ahn, Gyeong-hyun
Phone: 031-779-9530

You may report all complaints on personal information protection services by personal information policy. We will respond promptly and adequately to the complaints of users.

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