Introduction of Social Contribution

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DOPCO contributes to the community's continued development
We pursue a world in which everyone is happy.

Social Contribution Objectives

DOPCO has various volunteer programs for all members that provide an opportunity to become rooted in the culture of the company. Through volunteer activities that members and their families experience together, DOPCO's social contribution activities are becoming an integral part of DOPCO's corporate culture. Based on this corporate culture, DOPCO will make every effort to create a community where everyone can enjoy happiness.

In the initial stages of its establishment, DOPCO contributed to the community through the development of local infrastructure such as the construction of roads and town halls around the company, and serves as a trusted corporate citizen contributing to the continued development of the community.
Since 2007, we have pursued social contribution activities in the form of environmental preservation activities, support for the underprivileged, and support for business related activities. We are continuing our volunteer activities through regionally specialized volunteer groups. We are committed to expanding the scope of our volunteer groups.


Two people laughing brightly holding hands symbolize the two pipelines, which means the practice of sharing spirit that communicates love to underprivileged neighbors.

Goals of social contribution promotion
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