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DOPCO’s community service group is working in various sectors for the ongoing development of the community.

  • Environmental Conservation Activities

    DOPCO members come together to preserve beautiful nature and a clean environment.

    DOPCO has tried to improve the environment around rivers throughout the nation, focusing on its terminals, pump stations, etc.
    In addition, we are implementing environmental preservation activities to preserve the natural environment in the surrounding nature and hiking trails.

  • Support For The Underprivileged

    It is the heart of DOPCO that wants to double happiness with the underprivileged through the joy of sharing.

    DOPCO carries out community-based volunteer activities in order to foster closeness under the catchphrase "The Joy Of Sharing Is Double Happiness". As an energy specialist, DOPCO conducts three energy-related activities to help create a bright and cheerful environment for the community.
    We support group blood donation and treatment for children with pediatric cancer through the sharing of life energy, and donate briquettes, which are winter heat energy, to support heating expenses. We also carry out activities in order to raise hope for the disadvantaged.
    In addition, in conjunction with fire departments, fire extinguishers and fire detectors are distributed to the disadvantaged in the community. DOPCO plans to further develop and operate a community-linked program in the future.

  • Support for Business Related Activities

    DOPCO's energy facilities spur new energy dreams

    DOPCO utilizes its own capabilities to promote restoration support in the event of a national disaster. We will develop more differentiated and specialized talent sharing and capacity building programs to provide efficient and systemized support. DOPCO's facilities, such as the Pangyo terminal, which is the nation's largest storage facility, implement the energy cooperation trainee program with members from various countries such as Central and South America, The Middle East, and Africa. DOPCO also strives to develop energy-related industries. Residents and elementary school students visit the Pangyo terminal throughout the year. We conduct energy eco-education. We also provide opportunities for children in the local children's center to raise their understanding of energy and encourage proper growth, thereby fostering future dreams and hopes.

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