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What is CP(Compliance Program)?

CP is the abbreviation of Compliance Program. It is internal system including training and monitoring to follow the law related to fair trade. By executing CP, DOPCO is allowed to prevent legal risk and achieve efficient risk management.
DOPCO announced CP norms with the strong attention of our CEO in April, 2015. In the process of aiming our vision “Energy Transportation Service & Technology Company”, we will operate CP system efficiently to establish the order of free and fair competition.

CP Operating Elements

① CEO's will and interest expressed

Proclamation of Fair Trade Compliance / staff signature

② Appointment of compliance officer

Designation of someone who has authority and responsibility for fair trade within the company and operates CP effectively

③ Production & distribution of Fair Trade Compliance manual

Setting internal guidelines up for fair trade compliance

④ Implementation of compliance education

Executing specialized training for each business and department, seminar and issue meetings, offsite training, etc.

⑤ Establishment of an internal supervision system

Establishment of CP committee and the norm for CP management.

⑥ Sanctions for violation of the fair trade act

Establishment of sanctions when violation occurs.

⑦ Document management system

Designating representatives to manage document on CP systematically.

The necessity of CP introduction

Core Values and Code of Conduct

Core Values Code of Conduct
1. Compliance with laws In the process of carrying out our business activities, we are aware of laws and regulations related to fair trade and practice them voluntarily.
2. Fair Competition We comply with the principle of free markets and take the initiative in fair competition for persisting and advancing DOPCO.
3. Fair Transactions In all transactions, we follow the good faith principle to achieve fairness. By ensuring fair participation and transactions, mutual development in the sincerity of honesty is allowed to be achieved.
4. Coming forward Voluntarily We voluntarily execute management activities within the scope of our responsibilities, authorities and related regulations. It allows for us to dedicate having influence over individual, organization, and society.
5. Pursuit of Management Innovation We have a mission to contribute to enriching our staff and customers. Therefore, we should lead the way in creating a company with the best competitiveness in energy logistics through constant management innovation.

Fair Trade Compliance Code

Chapter 1 (General Provisions)

Confirmation of compliance with autonomy

Chapter 2 (Organizational Structure and Duties)

  • Duties and Authority of Compliance Manager
    - CP operation management including planning, training, monitoring and improving the norms & setting sanctions & operating the Compliance Committee
  • Duties of voluntary compliance committee
    - Handling CP business affairs, reviewing important matters
  • Duties of Employees
    - Compliance with laws and prior consultation with compliance officers

Chapter 3 (Operation of Compliance Program)

  • Declaration of voluntary compliance
  • Distributing Compliance Handbook
  • Conduct monitoring
    - Planning actions, reporting results, executing corrective actions, reporting results
  • Conduct training
    - Establishing plan, Appointing target, conducting training, reporting results
  • Impose sanctions to the violation of law
    - Punishment
  • Manage document
    - Process and management principles, Designation of documents to be managed
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