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SHE(Safety, Health, Envrionment)

S • H • E is a core task of DOPCO's management activities. We are committed to continuous improvement and prevention activities for the safety and environmental preservation of people and facilities. All members are committed to preventing accidents by following the SHE guidelines

DOPCO’s SHE Policy

Based on "people-oriented management philosophy", DOPCO earns trust from society and grows together with it through pursuit of zero accidents and eco-friendly management. For this, we establish and operate safety, health, and environmental standards that exceed those required by the laws and the regulations. We take our social responsibilities for safety, health and environment seriously and hold ourselves accountable by transparently disclosing our performance.

Safety and Health

  • DOPCO sets safety & health management as top priority and strives to establish a safe and healthy society through continuous improvement and prevention activities for the safety of people and facilities.
  • We will play a leading role in improving the safety and health of society by innovating safety technologies and upgrading our capabilities.


  • We define environmental management as a core task and conserve the local environment by minimizing pollutants.
  • We will play the role of an eco-friendly company by improving environment and soil pollution control levels.
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