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Establishment and operation of the advanced SHE management system
  • We have established regulations, procedures, and work standards for each of the 13 management elements, and have them complied with as on-site safety guidelines.
  • The PSM in the Industrial Safety and Health Law is introduced to carry out the main PSM activities such as assessing risk, managing change, and obtaining work permits. Through these processes, the risk factors are removed in advance, and systematic process and facility management are pursued. We maintain the highest standards.
Enhancing the employees’ awareness of SHE

We hold various events such as safety Inspection day, company's accident-free workplace award, SHE practice excellence award. All of DOPCO’s employees recognize the importance of SHE management and voluntarily participate in SHE activities directly.

Facility Ssafety management of facilities
  • We are building and operating state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment and a SHE operating system based on advanced standards. We are improving the reliability and soundness of our facilities by performing precise diagnosis of seismic performance evaluation and in-line inspection against earthquakes and other natural disasters.
  • Real-time leakage monitoring of main pipelines and daily patrols by pipeline experts are used to prevent pipeline theft and accidents.
Emergency response training
  • To prevent the spread of damage from accidents and ensure quick recovery, we have organized an enterprisecompany-wide crisis response system such as self-defense fire firefighting brigade and emergency recovery- unitszone. We regularly conduct joint emergency drills with related local organizations according to in accordance with the emergency type of emergency type response plan for the different types of accidents. We are constantly improving our capabilities with these activities.
  • To prevent the disruption of petroleum supply and demand in the event of an accident, we have secured emergency rescue equipment such as Hot Tapping & Plugging Machine to ensure quick response to accidents.


Working environment administration

We conduct workplace hazardous environment assessment for employees twice a year through external experts at major terminals and pump stations to identify and carry out the improvements.

Special medical examination

We always strive for employee health care such as early detection or prevention of occupational diseases and strengthening of post diseases management for all employees of the workplace.

Fugitive emission suppression

We are also doing our best to protect the health of the employees, visitors and the local residents by blocking the emission of gaseous substances by installing the VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit) against the gaseous materials (volatile organic compounds) scattered in the air.


Operation of in-house environmental standards

DOPCO operates and maintains an enhanced internal environmental standard of 90% above legal standards. In addition, we have selected residents near the terminals as environmental watchers. These watchers notify us immediately if there are any abnormalities in the discharged water quality.

Within 70% of legal standards

Category Wastewater Sewage Soil
(Chemical oxygen demand)
(Mineral oil)
(Biological oxygen demand)
(Suspended solids)
(Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons)
Law standard 130 5 20 20 2000
In-house standard 100 3 15 15 1500
Environmental facility

DOPCO protects the environment by maintaining pollution prevention facilities at each terminal and pump station.

    • Installed sewage treatment facilities of up to 1000㎥ of wastewater and 125㎥ per day
    • 24 hour continuous operation
    • Minimal volatilization of VOCs by installing ‘Floating Roof’ in gasoline storage tank
    • Preventing diffusion in the atmosphere by installing facilities to recover VOCs in shipping facilities
    • Installing leak detection balls: Detecting whether each storage tank has leaked
    • Performing periodic sampling of surrounding soil samples
    • Separate storage warehouse installation: Entrusting specialized companies after classifying
    • according to types and characteristics Increasing recycling rate of waste through strict classification of resources
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