Code of EthicsWe adhere to the code of conduct for a transparent company.

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Chapter 1) Basic Ethics of Members
    • ① As members of DOPCO, we take pride in ourselves and always perform our duties with the idea that we represent the company.
    • ② We will make clear distinction between what is public and what is private and conduct business in a fair and transparent manner.
    • ③ We will always strive to maintain the dignity of the individual and the reputation of DOPCO with high ethical values.
    • ④ We will establish a corporate culture that puts value on mutual respect among members and can work voluntarily and passionately.
Chapter 2) Attitudes Towards Customers
    • ① We will continue to satisfy customers, gain trust from customers, and eventually develop with customers.
    • ② We will always listen to customers' opinions and constantly strive to create value for them.
    • ③ We will protect your property and information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Chapter 3) Responsibility for Shareholders
    • ① We will maximize our corporate value with efficient management through continuous change and innovation and share the results with shareholders.
    • ② We will implement transparent management centered on the board of directors and respect the legitimate demands and suggestions of shareholders.
    • ③ We will comply with generally accepted accounting standards and disclose corporate information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Chapter 4) Coexistence with business partners
    • ① We will provide fair trade opportunities to partner companies, not engage in unfair practices using a superior position, and pursue mutual benefits and common development.
    • ② We will compete with competitors in good faith based on mutual respect.
Chapter 5) Contribution to the nation and society
    • ① We will contribute to society through economic development, social and cultural activities, and do our best to conduct management in accordance with social norms and ethical standards.
    • ② We will reject any absurdity that hinders sound business activities.
    • ③ We will faithfully carry out the various duties imposed by the local community, such as the state and local organizations.
Chapter 6) Safety and environment first-rate management
    • ① We will make every effort to prevent and reduce environmental pollution to protect nature and to preserve a clean environment.
    • ② We will observe all laws and regulations related to safety and the environment.
    • ③ We will contribute to social development through eco-friendly management.
Chapter 7) Responsibility for members
    • ① We will deeply recognize the members’ dignity and value and respect their fundamental rights.
    • ② We will provide fair treatment according to ability and contribution level through fair and reasonable personnel management.
    • ③ We will create a pleasant workplace to be able to work with confidence, awareness of participation, responsibility and authority to make it rewarding.
Chapter 8) Applying and Implementing Code of Ethics
    • ① Scope of application
      • 1) Code of Ethics applies to companies and their members.
      • 2) It is an encouraged practice for stakeholders of the company to understand this code of ethics.
    • ② Practice of Code of Ethics
      • 1) The Company enacts a Code of Ethics Practice for the practice of the Code of Ethics.
      • 2) The Ethics Management Committee shall be established and operated for deliberation and resolution on ethical management, and the details of such regulations shall be determined separately.
      • 3) The company encourages the practice of the code of ethics and can establish and operate a separate organization that can lead / help / check.


    Effective Date : This Code of Conduct will be effective from January 1, 2007.

    Revision Date : This Code of Conduct will be effective from September 13, 2010.

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